About Dar Al Adham

DAR AL ADHAM CONSTRUCTIONS(L.L.C) as one of Dubai construction and contracting companies, was established in 2003.

DAR AL ADHAM is a fully insured corporation including liability, workman’s compensation, and unemployment; is registered with Economic Department of Dubai , and Dubai municipality as a Corporation and an Independent Contractor; maintains a City of Dubai Business License; all documentation is available for inspection upon request.

DAR AL ADHAM requires its sub-contractors to meet the same licensing and registrations requirements for the homeowner’s protection. We enjoy challenging, custom projects and pay the closest attention to the smallest details to deliver the highest quality possible to our homeowner customers. Constructions and contracting are is a specialty of DAR AL ADHAM , and over the years, we have completed many projects requiring us to creatively design the work that was needed, and then accomplish it while maintaining our standards of excellence.

DAR AL ADHAM has had several siding projects over the year, and has a very successful track record on working with the homeowner to create a "show piece" on every occasion.

Our Vision

    • To create a niche as a reliable and leading Contracting Provider in the UAE and provide our customers with quality products while continue to invest in the latest technology.
    • @ DAR AL ADHAM we are constantly expanding our knowledge and technical expertise in order to serve our clients better and met the highest standards of excellence in terms of Quality System and buildings Technology. Our endeavor is to benchmark our services in the MENA region and create a name among the Tenant or owner as a reliable Client who always keeps up to their commitments.

Our mission

    • We believe in the collective culture of achievement and we are working hand in hand with team spirit
    • Take care to follow the performance of systems and methods to ensure quality service to our customers
    • Building working relationships is a distinctive management methods we
    • When we build our vision, we expect and prepare, do not wait and interact
    • We believe that it does not progress as we develop ourselves to become outdated continuing education
    • Encourage innovation and allow risk-studied
    • Believe in the importance of the distribution of power and participation
    • Expansion in manufacturing so as to reach our products to various countries around the world.
    • The development of our industries that we produce and has the highest specifications and standards, provide better services to users.
    • All of our products that are high quality industrial and a great reputation positioned to compete with global products.
    • Work on the development possibilities in the fields of manufacturing, construction and expansion Bmajkovl delivery of its products. To the far corners of the earth
    • Put forward innovative products and services and superior
    • The development of our product and services to be healthy and safe for the environment and users
    • Support social programs, where we are keen to show up at most social events, cultural and sports continue to build a link with individuals and community
    • Maintain the good reputation that has long contributed to the company›s position in an advanced position in the world
    • Our customers appreciate it and respect and strive to provide optimum service to them everywhere

Chairman's Message

At DAR AL ADHAM, we pride ourselves on transforming our customer’s vision into a tangible structure that generates new investments and exponential returns to the communities we serve.

As Chairman, I consider DAR AL ADHAM a steward of our client’s resources and am fortunate to have assembled an outstanding group of individuals that are as passionateabout that responsibility as I am. We are committed to delivering you a fully integrated team and process that will ensure optimal performance throughout the life-cycle of your project. We balance the short-term mandates of completing your project on time and within budget with the longer-term impacts of environmental sustainability and economic development. DAR AL ADHAM success was built on proactive communication and trusted relationships.

We have the experience, knowledge and commitment to provide products and services that are unique to each project. We want our customers to view DAR AL ADHAM not only as a contractor but as a genuine partner who is dedicated to helping you accomplish all of your project goals. We are very proud of our 12+ years of historical performance yet we are always seeking new means and methods to improve our results and remain successful. We continuously review and refine our systems, processes and procedures in order to deliver an unparalleled level of excellence in the industry.

We seek out the best talent available and mandate continuous education and training to improve and refine our skills.Additionally, DAR AL ADHAM offers a competitive compensation structure and provides a rewarding workplace that is both culturally stimulating and exciting. Our combined approach allows us to not only hire the best and the brightest, but also retain a talented, committed team for the long term. We are proud to say that our reputation is second to none and we love to be challenged. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your community showing what we can do on your next project.

Eng. Mahmmad Hassaan